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The St Davids Online site's purpose is to provide online resources for our customers as well as practice employees.
Company Website Links
St Davids Poultry Team
Connect to the St Davids Poultry Team Website.
St Davids Equine Practice
Connect to the St Davids Equine Practice Website.
St Davids Farm Practice
Connect to the St Davids Farm Practice Website.
Nutwell Saddlery
Connect to the Nutwell Saddlery Website.
Connect to the Salmonella.org.uk Website.
Biological Fly Control
Connect to the Biological Fly Control Website.
Connect to the Chickenvet Website.
St Davids Game Birds
Connect to the St Davids Game Birds Website.
Pro Ovine
Connect to the Pro Ovine Website.
Seed Feed Weed
Connect to the Seed Feed Weed Website.
Poultry Client Access
St Davids Online Laboratory and Serology Data
Poultry Client's Laboratory Results (requires a login account)
St Davids Internal Resources
MoleCare Practice Management System
The MoleCare Practice Management System website (requires a MoleCare account).
Email Deliverability
Email Deliverability Policy and Advice, plus Issue Reporting
Remote E-mail Access
Outlook Web Access (requires a St Davids domain account).